Marin Jakisic

One of the driving forces behind JMH’s astonishing success, Marin is a first-class graduate from the University of Westminster. After spending some time working in the IT sector, Marin decided to embrace the challenges and opportunities offered by the London real estate market, co-founding JMH with Irfan Hussain in 2004.

Marin is particularly proud of having steered JMH through the turbulence caused by the 2008 global financial crisis. He worked hard to adapt our business model between 2007-2009, changing focus to cautious asset management for the short - medium term. This enabled us to assist other developers and banks during the 2008-2010 period.

As a result of these prudent decisions, JMH experienced high growth during this time and made a number of large acquisitions from 2011-2014, securing outstanding residential and commercial opportunities in London.

 Irfan Hussain

Irfan graduated from King’s College, London with a degree in Physics before taking up a career in finance. His first role was with energy giant Centrica in Strategic Finance, before moving on to work with Ernst and Young in their Banking and Capital markets division.

While at Ernst and Young, Irfan was involved in the securitisation of mortgage debt. It was this experience in particular that ignited his passion for real estate and property development. Since starting JMH with Marin Jakisic, Irfan has been instrumental in raising capital, financing investments and driving development.

In addition to his financial background, Irfan now has over ten years of experience in planning, construction project management, real estate investment and management. He has also completed the Real Estate Program at Harvard Business School.